The Message Programme
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The Message Programme

MESSAGE ( Multimedia Educational Software Assessment for General Needs of Open and Distance Learning ) is a Socrates programme coordinated by Professor Emanuel Vasiliu of the "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania. The partners are:
(1) Universite Paul Sabatier-Tolouse, France; (2) Helsinki University of Technology, Finland; (3) Aristotle University of Thessalonki, Greece; (4) Universitat Osnabrueck, Germany; (5) Edge Hill University, England; (6) Politehnico di Torino, Italy; (7) Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain; (8) National College Cantemir - Bucharest.

A group of students: Christine Bickelhaupt, Bjorn Lubeck, Swaantje Marahrens, Jahn-Takeshi Saito, Karsten Spreen from the University of Osnabrueck, under the direction of the local project manager, Dennis Newson, carried out a pilot study on the assessment of 20 foreign language CD-ROMs. The findings are published below.

The opinions expressed are those of the student investigators and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any of the other bodies or individuals concerned.

The WWW pages were launched by Jahn-Takeshi Saito. They are a draft version and will later be revised. Contact address for comments, questions or further information:


1.1 A bibliography in Word format of sites, books, articles on evaluation of relevant (educational) CD-ROMs - especially CD- ROMs for foreign language learning.

1.2 A bibliography in Word format of CD-ROMs for learning English as a foreign language (EFL).

1.3 Development of a set of criteria - presented as a form with ticks, crosses, yes/no answers for evaluating EFL CD-ROMs.

1.4 Completed evaluations, using the form developed, of the CD- ROMs in our collection.

Tasks accomplished
CD-ROM  evalutation
Bibliographic notes on second language learning software (non English). 
Bibliography of English as second language (ESL) software. 
Detailed bilbiograhpy of some ESL software. 
Metaevaluation (Internet sites and collection of articles)
Index of all Files


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